GLPs JDC2 IP is the design tool you’ve been waiting for!

GLP JDC2 IP is the new innovative hybrid strobe with more visibility, increased output and advanced creativity. The new integrated beam line is equipped with 84 high-performance LEDs which are highly efficient at 10 W each and produce a flash that is more powerful than ever. The optimized, extremely steep flash ramps ensure an even more realistic and intense strobe impression. With 12 individually controllable segments, the beam line offers extended intensity flash effects and more than 100 static and dynamic strobe patterns.


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With 1,025 cm² (159 in²) luminous surface, not only does the visual solid angle increase, but the visibility of the surface is perceived as larger and up to 25% brighter. The saturated colors and exceptional brightness of the 1,728 LEDs provide powerful diffuse lighting. This allows stages and spaces to be completely immersed in color. An impressive, rich color environment is created, especially when combined with haze. The specialized black LED masking ensures a black front appearance, while eliminating reflection from other light sources.Of course, the two color plates can be addressed separately, in 12 or 24 individual segments. Additionally, the new JDC2 IP offers the ability to create breathtaking digital effects with an individually controllable pixel matrix. A built-in powerful Dual Cortex CPU with 3D graphic processing offers you a variety of impressive effects – the so called GLP DigiFX. With over 100 designed GLP DigiFX, the JDC2 IP provides an extremely wide range of digital content. To go one step further, multiple effect manipulations can be applied in real time. This opens up endless creative possibilities for integrating the JDC2 into your show…all without any media server or other external players. Two fail-safe GigaBit EtherCon ports allow you to capture up to four different external NDI streams and display them directly on the JDC2 IP, without any dedicated interface, license-bound protocols or expensive video processors being required.The head of the JDC2 IP is motorized with approx. 180° tilt and therefore can be perfectly aligned for thoughtful lighting design. The extremely robust housing in a modern design is, of course, IP65-rated and suits both permanent indoor as well as temporary outdoor applications. Of course, the GLP JDC2 IP also offers the innovative GLP iQ.Mesh interface with NFC Connect for exceptional ease of service. Extremely simple system integration and control of the internal effects and DigiFX allow users to focus on what it’s all about – creative design!


Light Source

  • White Strobe LED | RGB LED
Light Source Count
Beam: 84x 10 W White Strobe LEDs | Plate: 1,728x RGB LEDs

Optical System

>30% more output than JDC1
Output Lens
2x 377 x 111 mm | 2x 14.8 x 4.3 in


  • 0 – 100%; 16 bit
Tilt Movement Angle
184°, 16 bit


DMX channels
13 | 25 | 50 | 91 | 127 | 5239 | 5210
Control Modes
M1: Mini | M2: Basic | M3: Segment 1-2 | M4: Segment 12-12 | M5: Segment 12-24 | M6: MultiPix Advanced* | M7: MultiPix Compressed* (* Art-Net / sACN only)
  • DMX (USITT DMX512-A)
  • RDM (ANSI/ESTA E1.20)
  • iQ.Mesh
  • optional: Lumenradio CRMX @ FPO
Setting and addressing
  • control panel with backlit graphic display
  • 4 Button Menu Navigation
  • DMX
  • RDM
  • iQ.Mesh
Software Update
  • iQ.Mesh
High-Res Channels
  • Dimming
  • Tilt
Performance Modes
  • fast
  • normal (balanced)
  • smooth
Dimming Curves
  • linear
  • soft
Fan Modes
  • regulated
  • high
  • medium
  • low
  • minimum
  • Stand Alone 1 captured Scene
  • Beam Pattern Effect Engine
  • Plate DigiFX Engine
  • Beam/Plate Intensity Flash Effects


Signal connection
  • XLR 5-Pin
  • In/Out
  • Gigabit etherCON In/Out (failsafe)
Power input
  • Neutrik powerCON TRUE1
  • In/Out

Electrical Specifications

Power input
  • 100 – 240 VAC / 50 – 60Hz
Power supply
  • auto-ranging electronic switch-mode
max. power (@230V)
1,500 W

Thermal Specifications

  • combined convection and forced air
Temperature range, operating
-10 °C / 40 °F to 45 °C / 115 °F

Mounting Options

  • 2 pair of 1/4-turn locks
  • 2 eyelets for safety cable
  • any
  • Indoor permanent
  • Outdoor temporary


Housing Color
  • Black
Housing Material
  • high-impact flame-retardand thermoplastic
  • Aluminum
  • steel metal plates
Protection Rating
  • IP 65
Construction Features
  • Tilt-Lock-System
  • Alignment System
  • Holder for optional accessories (filter frame, barndoor)
  • Head Handles


  • 4-way

Dimensions & Weight

354 mm / 13.94 in
Height (head vertical)
452 mm / 17.8 in
Width (across yoke)
444 mm / 17.48 in
230 mm / 17.48 in
23.5 kg / 51.8 lbs

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