The speed of any production setup is governed my the system you have in place to allow for repetitive tasks to be simplified and thus streamlined.

SRS Power distribution Patch Bays are designed to give you maximum flexibility while ensuring your loom hook-ups are fast yet solid. SRS Power products are internationally recognised for their reliability, great value and solid construction.



System Features:

  • 8x Socapex Outlets
  • 48x Patch circuits with 1.5m Fly leads to moulded Piggyback plugs
  • 3x Auxiliary 10Amp GPO Outlets to 1.5m Fly leads and moulded piggyback plugs
  • Compact 9RU size
  • Solid construction prevents warps and bends even under load.
  • Made in Europe

All SRS’s products deliver maximum reliability, durability, and the simplicity of control.

With its high level of industry experience, SRS develops and manufactures equipment that satisfies customer’s needs while exceeding their expectations.

* All Specifications subject to change without notice

* Speak to us about customisations to suit your needs.