TourPro Lighting presents the Proxima IP, the next generation of high output laser source Moving Lights with a Highly optimised speckle free 260W laser source providing a staggering 462000 Lumens @ 20m . The Proxima IP has a sharp 0.8o Beam Aperture and strong 222mm Front Lens. Packed with an advanced set of 19 + 1 Gobos including 3 x Coloured Gobos, 2 sets of Prisms and Prism morphing capabilities making it a unique fixture in the next generation of moving lights.



Colour spectrum: CW
Source: 260w Laser
Colour Temperature: 7800K
Output: 7900 Flux
Lux: 462000 @ 20m
Lens Diameter: 222mm
Dispersion: 0.8o
Gobos: 19 + 1 x Static Stamped metal Gobos
Colours: CMY + CTO, 18 + 1 Colour Wheel
Prism Wheel 1: 8 + 16 Facet
Prism Wheel 2: 6 Way Linear + Double Linear
Prism Morphing and individual prism rotation
Frost Filter: 1 Light
Effect: 6 Colour Filter, can rotate and use with prisms
DMX input/Output: 5 Pin, RDM
DMX mode: 20/17-channel modes
Quick electronic strobe 1 ~ 25 Hz
Dimming curve: 16-Bit Variable Dimming Curves
Display: LCD display
Operating voltage:110 V AC – 240V AC / 50 – 60 Hz
Power consumption: 370w
Power connector: PowerCon TRUE 1 Power In/Out
Housing material: Plastic
Width: 429mm
Height: 709mm
Depth: 319mm
Weight: 39kg
IP: 65