Sydney Event Services plans to go places with CHAUVET Professional

Sydney Event Services (SES) has taken a significant step forward in enhancing its lighting capabilities by incorporating CHAUVET Professional lighting equipment into its inventory. The addition of the ROGUE Outcast 3 Spot, Rogue Outcast 1 Beamwash, and Ovation E-2 Profile fixtures demonstrates SES’s commitment to providing reliable and flexible lighting solutions for various events & customers.

The fixtures were in full display and put to the test during the celebration of Diwali in Sydney, set up for some amazing performances. Just like how the saying goes and how Diwali is traditionally celebrated, in the darkest of nights, lights shine the brightest. The event was lit up with colourful lights and decorations, making the whole experience of the event.

Mitch Hancock, the Managing Director at Sydney Event Services, expressed a high level of satisfaction with his Chauvet fixtures, highlighting their role in achieving reliability and flexibility in the company’s lighting setups. The newly acquired fixtures offer IP-rated and flexible beamwash features suitable for diverse event scenarios, enabling SES to create a wide range of lighting effects tailored to specific occasions.

The ROGUE Outcast 3 Spot, known for its superior brightness and flexibility, features an array of capabilities, including an IP65 rated LED Spot, colour wheels, static and rotating gobo wheel, motorized zoom, Iris, 5-facet prism, and a lightweight aluminium and magnesium alloy casing. With a beam angle ranging from 4.9° to 38.7°, this fixture excels in providing intense and focused light, making it ideal for highlighting performers or specific areas of a stage.

The ROGUE Outcast 1 BeamWash, a hybrid fixture combining beam and wash effects, stands out with its unique lens design for tight beam effects and a wide zoom range of 3.9° to 55.3°. The fixture’s motorized zoom and fast, smooth pan and tilt movements contribute to its versatility in creating dynamic lighting atmospheres.

The Ovation E-2 Profile, designed for smaller venues, is a high-performance LED ellipsoidal fixture with exceptional optics and dimming capabilities. Boasting an integrated 25-50-degree zoom lens and a dedicated focus mode button for quick activation, it serves as a full-spectrum LED ERS-style lighting fixture suitable for small theatres and studios.

In addition to the lighting equipment, SES has expanded its offerings with a Mobile Hydraulic Stage Trailer, measuring 8m in length. This preassembled stage trailer, easily towed by a standard pickup or SUV, aligns with SES’s vision of providing fast, simple, and mobile event solutions. The combination of the new lighting fixtures and the mobile stage positions SES as a comprehensive event service provider capable of delivering exceptional lighting experiences in various settings.