The Showtools Brand

The Showtools logo has been crafted to embody stability, dependability, and a commanding presence, with a triangular shape chosen to represent stability in engineering contexts.

Our commitment to safety is paramount, and while we provide the entertainment industry with the most brilliant and powerful brands for visual purposes, we prioritise safety above all else. We distribute exclusively the most reputable brands in the industry, ensuring the utmost in dependable service.

Showtools is the brand for delivering seamless and successful event production.

our service offering

Showtools International maintains a strong presence throughout four Australian states, located in Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Perth. Our offices and warehouses are strategically located to ensure that we are well-positioned to meet the demands and needs of our clients and to provide them with reliable and high-quality services.

We take pride in our exclusive representation and distribution of a variety of renowned international brands in the Australian live entertainment industry. Our track record reflects our expertise in working with television networks, studios, theatres, concert organizers, and event production companies to provide a range of event-related supplies, including event lighting, staging, trussing, rigging, controls, hazers, accessories, and more.

Our Team of Professionals

The Showtools team is comprised of a diverse group of professionals, each with their own unique set of skills and experiences. 

Our team of technical sales representatives, situated in various states, is comprised of lighting designers, production designers, and touring professionals who have been in the event production industry for a very long time working both here and overseas.

Together, our team possesses the technical expertise necessary to meet the needs of our clients while fostering a positive rapport. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients and maintaining our status as industry leaders.


Robert Runko

Managing Director

Melissa Runko

Director / Chief Financial Officer

Maria Luchini

Financial Controller

Eli Malka

Head of Sales and Business Development

Marcello Jeromela

NSW Operations and Purchasing Manager

Paola Guzman

National Administration Manager

Lisa Mendonca

Senior Accounts Assistant

Anthony Pergoliti

NSW Warehouse Manager

Dan Jieky Horiondo

Marketing Coordinator


Davey Taylor

QLD Sales Manager

Brent Henshaw

QLD Technical Sales and Service Specialist

Brad Galgon

QLD Sales Representative

Christie Henshaw

Admin Support Assistant


Lucas McIntyre

Service and Technical Specialist

Casey Loraine

LED Specialist


Sean McKernan

WA Technical Sales Manager

Kameryn Snow

WA Sales Representative

Jared Hawke

WA Warehouse Manager

Our Brands