Gravity and Other Myths Shows Up with CHAUVET Professional

Gravity & Other Myths (GOM), an Australian circus company renowned for pushing the boundaries of contemporary circus, continues to redefine performance excellence with its latest purchase of CHAUVET Professional fixtures. GOM has recently integrated the innovative COLORado Batten Q15 into its productions being impressed with the enhancement of batten lighting technology for their shows after acquiring a dozen of these fixtures last year.

Martin Schreiber, Company Director at Gravity & Other Myths, expressed enthusiasm for the seamless integration of the COLORado Batten Q15 into their productions. “We have been working with the Q15s, and they work so well that we would like to get another set,” said Martin, highlighting the exceptional performance and reliability of the lighting solution.

The COLORado Batten Q15, a rugged and tour-ready quad-color RGBW LED batten, offers unparalleled versatility and performance capabilities. Featuring 15 individually controllable LEDs, this cutting-edge lighting fixture eliminates the appearance of “skittles” and enables captivating pixel-mappable looks, enhancing the visual experience for audiences.

The IP65-rated fixture boasts remarkable output and smooth dimming curves, along with convenient colour temperature presets for enhanced creative control. With a native 16° beam angle and an included wall wash filter for a 16° by 43° beam spread, the COLORado Batten Q15 ensures seamless integration into any performance space.

Moreover, its adaptable mounting options, including adjustable trunnions with ¼ turn adaptors for the Omega Bracket, innovative end-cap, or back plate mounting, provide unparalleled flexibility for seamless row alignment and floor mounting, catering to the diverse needs of performance venues.

The lighting fixture is featured during GOM’s Ten Thousand Hours shows in Adelaide from February 16-25 this year. And after receiving positive feedback from the show’s audiences about the impressive performances in human jump-ropes, aerial leaps and perfected flips, spins and more, – and all while strictly regulated on a giant LED digital countdown timer and the COLORado Batten Q15s on the side as LX booms which looms over the performers from the back of the stage.

The Q15s help us produce our expectations for our show with the fixtures’ unparalleled performance and versatility,” added Martin. “And we are thrilled to incorporate the Q15s into more of our shows, further enhancing the immersive experience for our audiences.”

To experience the captivating performances of Gravity & Other Myths and witness the transformative impact of the shows and the COLORado Batten Q15, visit their website at

Photos by Ten Thousand Hours – Gravity and Other Myths

Photographer: Darcy Grant