Using Focus Productions innovative design and new truss cladding bracket system combined with Upright Projects rigging expertise and Eurotruss trussing at the center of it all, the Christie Digital Systems stand was a highlight and talking point for all visitors at the Integrate 2019 Expo.

With a long history of creating original, high impact expo designs, Focus Productions was the first choice for Christie Digital Systems when they wanted a unique way to display their high end digital 4K projectors. Key considerations for the design was the ability to support the 150kg D4K40-RGB model projector while maintaining a clean, high-end finish that aligned with the Christie Digital Systems brand.

Collaborating with leading truss design and build company Upright Projects, Focus and Upright developed the concept of the black gloss cantilevered truss structure. While consulting engineers on the proposed structure, Eurotruss’ load tables were reviewed and Eurotruss was a clear choice. Eurotruss provided a high precision structure with a high load rating, with only 5mm of deflection across the 6m cantilever arm while supporting the full weight of the projector and all its components.

“We have been using the Eurotruss System for years now and when it comes to jobs like this, Eurotruss is the clear choice for truss,” stated Joel Nebauer Managing Director of Upright Projects. “Eurotruss is one of the leading suppliers of aluminum truss systems on the international market with its efficient and modern production technology and superb fast conical connection system that really makes set up efficient. Eurotruss utilises 3mm wall thickness in the maintube which assures durability and extra strength. It is designed for high frequency usage or installations, which demands higher loading, making it the ideal truss for stands like Christie Digital Systems.”

Sleek lines combined with a flawless gloss black finish, Christie Digital Systems’ high-end projection products and Eurotruss forming the underlying bones of it all; the Christie Digital Systems counter lever design has redefined what is possible with modern truss design.