The Fire Trainer was specially developed for use in fire and rescue exercises, but also feels at home during film productions or beach parties. Due to its stainless steel housing and the high-quality couplings, the device is watertight, according to IP standard 64.

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Due to the extremely efficient use of the available energy, the fog output is considerably higher than with many comparable devices from the Far East.

Equipped as standard with an analogue IP 64 connection, the Fire Trainer can be controlled with a radio remote control or cable remote control. In addition, the optionally available timer or DMX converter can also be connected. In addition, the analog input offers the possibility of controlling the device via PLC.

Of course the Fire Trainer, like almost all Smoke Factory fog machines, can also be operated in stand-alone mode. In stand-alone operation, the fogging process is started by pressing the start button once. If this is not actuated repeatedly, the machine will fog until the limit temperature is reached.

With the rotary switch you can choose between three different fog modes. At stage one, the unit fogs down until the lower limit temperature is reached and automatically stops the fogging process. At level 2, the unit automatically lowers when the temperature in the heater drops, causing the Fire Trainer to continuously fog. On the third stage, the unit starts directly on the reduced output that it can continuously maintain.

The permanent temperature control on the microprocessors guarantees a correct evaporation temperature at all times. This ensures that no harmful substances are produced by evaporation that is too hot or that the unit “spits” unevaporated fluid.

Like all Smoke Factory devices, the Fire Trainer has a quick release system that allows the canister to be changed in seconds.

The device is delivered with a wall bracket as standard, but can also be optionally supplied with the stainless steel frame, as shown in the pictures.

If original fluid is used, we grant 3 years warranty on our devices.


Procedure: Vaporizing fog generator

Power: 2300 W

Power requirement: 240 V/50 Hz

Weight (Without fluid): 12.1 kg

Fluid bottle capacity: 5 litres with frame

Fogging time: 40 secs (max.output). continuous on <50%

Control choices: 0-10 V,  stand alone

Warm up time: approx. 7 mins

Temperature control: microprocessor-controlled

Ambient Temperature: 5 degrees to 45 degrees

Ambient Humidity: Max 80% rel. humidity, not condensing

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