Extension Leg Adjustable Height 40-60cm

Extension Leg Adjustable Height 40-60cm

Nivtec Extension Leg Adjustable Height 40-60cm 48,3 mm; material thickness 4 mm; up to 80 cm aluminum, exceeding 80 cm steel, galvanized; To be considered: due to the “hook on” – design the quantity of legs required for of a stage is reduced depending on size and shape of a stage.

SKU: NT203011


All Nivtec legs are equipped with thread adapter (function: supporting fastening devices of safety rails and stairways),load ring (function: increasing the stability of the platforms for long term use). Additionally Nivtec legs with adjusting spindle for stage heights from 60 cm are additionally equipped with locknut (function: stabilizing the base construction).

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Dimensions 40 cm



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