Distribution of mains power is the backbone of any performance lighting system. Safety, reliability and compliance with the relevant local standards are factors, which ensure that your power distribution system will protect the people who not only use it, but also those who are legally responsible for the overall safety of the installation. The TD Series SX tour rack utilises Industry standard 6 way Socapex outlets and market leading features for high performance users. SRS Power distribution devices are internationally recognised for their reliability great value and solid construction. All power distribution systems are designed, built and tested to comply with EN/IEC and AS/NZS 3439.1:2002 ,3002:2021 ,3000, 3105, 3112 standards.



System Front Features:

  • 72x 16Amp Circuits with individual RCBO—30mA protection
  • 3x 16A Ceeform Auxiliary Circuits with individual RCBO—30mA
  • 3x 10A AU Auxiliary Circuits with individual RCBO—30mA
  • 1x 32A Wilco 3 Phase Auxiliary Output with RCBO and RGU Relay.
  • Main Breaker— Front mounted MCCB 4 Pole 400A Breaker
  • PFNP Relay—Phase Missing & Fallen Neutral Protection which is user isolatable if required.
  • RGO Relay—Digital Earth Leakage Relay which is user definable and isolatable.
  • PAC3220 FTP Digital Power meter with FTP monitoring interface.
  • Emergency E Stop.
  • Siemens breakers
  • Front mounted Network ports—Ethercon
  • USB courtesy charging port for User device charging.
  • PFNP Bypass LED Indicator
  • Power OK LED Indicator
  • Mains Input Phase LED Indicators
  • 24RU size

System Rear Features:

  • 18x Weilend 4way outputs
  • 3x 16A Ceeform Auxiliary Circuits
  • 3x 10A AU Auxiliary Circuits
  • 1x 32A 3 Phase Wilco Auxiliary Output for Chain motor control or additional racks.
  • 400A Powerlock input and thru connectors
  • External secondary earthing point
  • 24RU size
  • Vented casing for unrestricted airflow.
  • Made in Europe

Touring Package Additional Features:

  • Showcase 26RU heavy duty touring Slam Rack with PENN Anti shock suspension frame.
  • 2x SRS Light DSR5.2 RDM dual input DMX Splitters—Front or rear mountable
  • LED Strip Solutions RGB LED Rack Illumination to front and rear.
  • Vented casing for unrestricted airflow.

24, 36 & 48 Way Versions also available.

– All SRS’s products deliver maximum reliability, durability, and the simplicity of control. With its high level of industry experience, SRS develops and manufactures equipment that satisfies customer’s needs while exceeding their expectations.

– TD Series— A range of Professional PDU Racks designed for the Lighting Market as at home on the Touring scene as they are in a ballroom. The TD series delivers uncompromised performance with extensive safety features.


* All Specifications subject to change without notice