Power Info: Max Draw 0.75A @ 110v | 90V-250VAC, 50/60Hz

Input Power: Locking IEC

Data Connectivity: 2 x GbE RJ45 (500Mbps Encrypted Throughput)

Operating Temperature: 0 °C up to 49 °C / 32 °F up to 120 °F

Fuse: 1A 250v 5x20mm Fuse

Net Weight: 1.10kg / 2.4Lbs

Encryption: AES-GMAC-SIV

Port Forwarding: Port 9993

Encryption Benchmarks – 500 Mb/s
For our benchmarks, testing was performed with iperf3 in TCP and UDP mode transferring a gigabit of data.

The two-site iperf3 test was tested between New York and Nashville, at a latency of min/avg/max/mdev = 27.757/29.379/30.492/0.747 ms.

After Narrowing the test using both TCP and UDP modes, our final results of stable data transfer landed ~ 500Mb/s.

Overall, this performance is at a high enough level to allow for all production levels, providing safe data transfer, with no data cap, allowing the user to control how their data is transmitted from location to location.


Securely Encrypted – AES 256 (AES-GMAC-SIV)

Simple – Switch networks in a matter of seconds

Fast – 500 Mbps of bandwidth

Transparent – once connected, two sites truly act as one network

Entertainment protocol (UDP, high latency) optimized

Lighting Networks (MAnet, ETCnet, HOGnet, etc.)

Encoded Streaming Video (SRT, WebRTC, etc.)

Control Data Payloads(DMX, OSC, JSON, etc)


  • Completely Latency-free – our devices are creating a private tunnel over the public internet, which means the latency is based on location – advance your networking and use internet optimized techniques. If you are unsure or getting bad results, check the knowledge base for a workaround.

  • Actual Magic – the.Bridge doesn’t increase the bandwidth of your internet connection – your network is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Central Server Between the.BRIDGE Connecting Them?
No, each BRIDGE is connected directly to each other and not relayed through a central server. the.PLATFORM is the central location for users to tell the.BRIDGE how to be configured.

How Is The Latency Between Each BRIDGE?
The latency is as low as the physical worldwide public internet infrastructure can allow. To check for latency at different worldwide locations, there are many publicly available tools to get good estimates for ping tests.

If I Know How To Do This, Why Should I Use This Service?
Efficiency is the key to everything. We know that there are other ways to technically achieve the goals of the project at hand when it comes to networking, but the question becomes what happens when the goals and the project changes drastically requiring a vast amount of scalability needed to be done? Time is money and to have to take time to reconfigure that original plan might not be feasible. This is what we are bringing to the table. High level network configurations at the click of a few buttons that can scale at any rate needed designed around the needs of the project at hand.

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