The ART2000i is designed using the knowledge gained in manufacturing tens of thousands of channels of touring dimming, this install system combines the robustness of design from a touring system with the economy of a system which does not need to move.

Care has gone into the design to ensure it is easy and flexible to install and you can be confident in the knowledge that using the ART2000i in any install design will make the installers job fast as well as giving the client trouble free operation for years to come.

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The Phase allocation per power block is

  • Phase 1 channels 1, 4, 7, 10.
  • Phase 2 channels 2, 5, 8, 11.
  • Phase 3 channels 3, 6, 9, 12.

System permutations

A system consists of 1 master mainframe and optionally 1 expansion frame. Each frame can hold 2 modules , each module containing either 12 channels of 16 Amps or 6 channels of 32 Amps per channel.

The possible configurations therefore are:-

Single mainframe

  • 24 channel of 16A.
  • 12 channels of 16A and 6 channels of 32A.
  • 12 channels of 32A.

Master Expansion Mainframe (2 main frames linked)

  • 48 channels of 16A.
  • 36 channels of 16A and 6 channels of 32A.
  • 24 channels of 16A and 12 channels of 32A.
  • 12 channels of 16A and 18 channels of 32A.
  • 24 channels of 32A.


The mainframe can be fitted with optional 30mA RCB protection for each power block.

Mains isolation

Each frame can be fitted with a 125A mains isolator, which can be locked in the off position.

Mains connection

  • The mains input uses 5 Wago cage clamps capable of receiving 35mm² cables without specialist crimping tools.
  • The system requires a 3-Phase 4 wire mains connection (TN-S or TN-C-S)
  • 240V P-N/ 415 P-P/ 0V N-E.
  • The supply needs to be protected with maximum of 125A D type breaker or equivalent fused disconnect or.
  •  The maximum Icu is 6kA.
  • The maximum withstand voltage is 2000V.

Load connection

Connection directly to the dimmer circuits

The mainframe load connection to the building wiring is through two multipin connectors allowing easy disconnection of both the neutral and phase connections for periodic wiring tests.

Using the integral patching option

An optional integral patch panel consists of two outlets per 16 amp dimmer channel and is complemented by a 48 circuit panel for connection to the installed circuits. Connection to this is via four multipin connectors allowing for easy disconnection of both the neutral and phase connections for periodic wiring tests.

Control system

  • The system is fully digital, no trimming is needed.
  • Two DMX 512 inputs which can be individually addressed and merged on an HTP basis.
  • Local channel control is through an intuitive encoder wheel and on-screen level matrix.
  • 12 memories can be stored and replayed using the encoder wheel and on-screen level matrix.
  • Breaker and Load Status is displayed on screen, and through RDM when available.
  • Remote store and replay of memories by any ART dimmer family member
  • Memory 12 can be controlled by a 12V AC or DC panic input.
  • Intuitive user interface using a large 42 x 8 character graphics quality backlit LCD display.
  • Individual channels can be set to any of the available curves.
  • Individual channels can have a limit level set.
  • Individual Preheat for each channel.
  • Plug in Control card for easy maintenance.
  • Software upgradeable via a PC and download cable.

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