The impression S350 Wash from GLP brings a new level of control and functionality to the mid-range LED washlight market. At its core, the impression S350 Wash utilizes GLP’s class leading white light LED engine, also used in its spot counterpart, the S350, and features a CRI of more than 90, with TMS-30 and CQS measurements of 96 for superior color rendering at its native 6000K color temperature.

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The S350 Wash uses a Fresnel based optical system with zoom optics that give a range from 8 to 50 degrees for the broadest range of flexibility.

At any angle within the zoom range, users have access to a full 4 blade curtain framing system, where each framing blade can cross the entire beam independently for a full blackout. Combined together, any combination of the blades – including the ability to rotate the entire assembly through 90 degrees – allows you to focus the output precisely and accurately onto the performance area, with complete accuracy when returning time after time. For further beam control a high speed iris is also included for additional options and effects.

The color engine of the S350 Wash is the same as its spot partner, the impression S350, allowing full color matching and variable color temperature control for seamless blending across unit types. A wide pallet of colors is achieved through a dichroic CMY system that is supported by a fixed color wheel containing 10 slots, plus its open position. Also included is a variable color temperature control system that allows a full range from 2500K to 8000K to be selected at any time.

Beam control of the fixture output is available through an electronic shutter channel, with variable speed settings, whilst GLP’s stunning, custom created dimming technology offers full range dimming with the smoothest transitions at all intensities and through even the slowest fade times.

Destined to be used in a wide variety of applications, including noise sensitive theatre and television settings, the impression S350 Wash has been designed to run with near silent operation in normal use, and cannot be heard at its lowest settings. The units broadcast compatibility is supported with a full range of PWM settings for global cameras and studio environments.

As with every fixture in the GLP impression range, the S350 Wash features a baseless design that reduces both size and weight, giving the fixture a total weight of just 25.5 kg / 56 lbs. and a size that allows it to be hung in very confined spaces.

The impression S350 Wash has connectors in its base section for power via a Neutrik True1 connector with full auto sensing power. For data, there are XLR 5 pin and RJ45 connectors for DMX, Artnet, sACN protocols with support for RDM throughout.

The impression S350 Wash can be mounted in any orientation and contains threaded sockets in its base for direct coupler connection, with in built safety point attachments, and comes complete with a tripod floor stand, if being mounted on its base.

Available for purchase in either cardboard box packaging, or in a rugged flightcase, the impression S350 Wash comes in black as standard but is also available in other custom colors upon request.

With this fully packed feature set, and its proven LED engine pedigree, the S350 Wash is the premiere solution for mid-range washlight applications.


Summary of main features

Light Source

  • lamp Type: LED 350 W
  • Lifetime: 20,000 h
  • Color Temperature: 6,000 Kelvin
  • CRI: >90
  • TLCI(Qa): 90
  • CQS: 90
  • Rg:96
  • Rf: 87
  • Light output: 10,500lm

optical system

  • Min. Zoom: 12°
  • Max. Zoom: 60°
  • Focus: motorized 2m – infinite


  • pan: 640°
  • tilt: 262°


  • 4 blade framing system, each having complete beam coverage
  • 14 blade iris
  • Rotating gate through 90°
  • Dimmer: 3-D dimming algorithm
  • Shutter: electronic shutter
  • Effect Wheel: prism
  • color wheel
    • 10 color filters
    • full CTO 3,200 K
    • 1/4 CTO 4,600 K
    • CTB 9,000K
  • color mixing
    • CMY color mixing


  • (Watt @ 230V): 550W


  • DMX Data
    • XLR 5-pin in/out
    • XLR 3-pin in/out
  • Mains Power
    • Neutrik TRUE1 Input

Operating conditions

  • Maximum ambient temperature:  115°F  (45°C)

Mounting options

  • Upright: Removable tripod base (supplied) with brackets for ratchet belt
  • Hanging: 2 x M10 socket for half coupler, or other clamp
    • Omega brackets (optional)
  • 2 attachment points for safety wire
  • Any orientation


  • Cardboard box
  • 2 way tourpack complete with omega brackets and stacking flight case

Housing colors

  • Standard color: black
  • optional: Special colors on request


  • (L x W x H): head Vertical
    • 18.6″ x 9.4″ x 25.8″  (47.2 cm x 23.9 cm x 65.5 cm)


  • 56lbs  (25.4kg)

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