IVL Dice

IVL Dice: a new scale for volumetric lighting 38 cm (15 inch) , 10 kg (22 lbs), 200 W, 49 DMX channels. Endless excitements in a compact housing. Coming soon!



A very wide space coverage with a very small footprint, opening limitless perspectives of captivating lighting installation in small and mid-sized venues.

Fill the space with an IVL Dice set up, surrounding the artist and audience, in a symphony of mesmerizing beams, enveloping shapes, smooth movements, and vivid colors.All constantly evolving. Whether above a stage or a dance floor, the IVL Dice is very easy to install at multiple points and in various configurations. An IVL Dice installation creates strong geometric shapes, structuring your space in ways similar to larger setups, but without the need for extensive volume, structure and quantity.

With no moving head and a light weight of 10 kilograms, the IVL Dice fits easily, adapting seamlessly to various venue configurations. With four independent light planes, created by four motorized mirrors arranged closely together, the IVL Dice provides exceptional space coverage from a small footprint, making the room or stage appear larger. With a 90-degree aperture per tilt, the IVL Dice units easily combine to further enhance the range of perspectives.

On the back side of the tilt, there’s a movable frosted output, capable of illuminating a small venue. When the tilt goes flat, it reveals static frosted edges, offering even more possibilities.

Its DMX control allows access to 9 beam patterns with an electronic gobbo system. 1 beam, 2 beams, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, and up to 256 beams. With control over beam sizes, indexing, and rotation for each pattern. With 2 dimmers per tilt, 2 RGB parameters per tilt. Complemented by a shutter. a set up of IVL Dice never ceases to amaze.

Wide range of vivid colors.  smooth waves of beams, transforming shapes. the sensation that a greater number of fixtures are in action.

The  IVL Dice sets a new scale for volumetric lighting.

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