Distribution of mains power is the backbone of any performance lighting system. The TD Series PDU 4 Powerlock Distro is the basic heart of any Power distribution system, and simply delivers on what it is intended for— Distributing Power safely and easily.

SRS Power distribution devices are internationally recognised for their reliability great value and solid construction.

All power distribution systems are designed, built and tested to comply with EN/IEC and AS/NZS 3439.1:2002 ,3002:2021 ,3000, 3105, 3112 standards.



System Features:

  • 4x 50Amp Wilco 3 Phase Outlets with MCCB Breakers.
  • 6x 10A AU Auxiliary Circuits with dual individual RCBO—30mA
  • 400A Powerlock input and thru connectors
  • External secondary earthing point
  • Main Breaker— Front mounted MCCB 4 Pole 400A Breaker
  • Mains Input Phase LED Indicators • Siemens breakers
  • Vented casing for unrestricted airflow.
  • Made in Europe
  • 9RU size

– All SRS’s products deliver maximum reliability, durability, and the simplicity of control.

With its high level of industry experience, SRS develops and manufactures equipment that satisfies customer’s needs while exceeding their expectations.

POWER Series— A range of Professional PDU Racks designed for the Site and General Power Distribution markets. Whether you are building them in to your own Dimmer or Distro rack or dropping them next to a generator to power a site, the Power series is reliable and solid with PDU’s that wont let you down when it matters.

* All Specifications subject to change without notice